BoogerBrains, Letters and Art

What is a BoogerBrain?

2017's feverish art activity came to a close with our dropping off another batch of 50 BoogerBrains to Art-o-mat International Headquarters.

In this batch, Clarice put BoogerBrain faces in vintage bottlecaps and made them into necklaces.

Clarice sold almost $1,000 in artwork for Art-o-mat in 2017.  That's pretty good for a (just turned) 15 year old!

Ever wondered what a Boogerbrain is?  Here's the 4-1-1:

When bubbles pop, BoogerBrains are born.  They are giddy little creatures too small for you to see.  They have many hobbies like singing, which they call “snorggling.”  BoogerBrains also love to eat, and their favorite food is shoelaces.  They are not the smartest little critters, but they are very loyal and friendly.  BoogerBrains come in different colors, and they love sparkles.  I’ve captured the likeness of a BoogerBrain here for you.  Try to collect them all.

Letter from Art-o-mat Collector

Cate C. sent a sweet note in December after she purchased a piece of my work at Hutch and Harris, a new Art-o-mat location in downtown Winston-Salem.

Hi Nicole!  
Just wanted to let you know I got your flower bottle top keychain the other day from the Artomat at Hutch & Harris! I love it, and thank you :) 

Little notes like this really help me decide future directions for my work, so I place a lot of importance on your feedback.  Thanks so much for helping me shape my goals in 2018.

Until next time...


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