Candle Making Fun

With all the hubbub of events surrounding Art-o-mat's 20th anniversary and other exciting art projects, I have neglected telling you about our candle making endeavors.

Spring 2017 Batch

This spring, Clarice opened a new online shop at Big Cartel.  

She has been selling slow burning soy candles there and in-person.

Here is a listing from her shop, above.  This is a 4 oz. Carolina blue candle made from soy wax.  It will take 28 hours to burn completely.  (That's a long time for such a small candle!)

All her candles in this spring 2017 batch have the scent of SNICKERDOODLE cookie dough.

Fall 2016 Batch

Last fall, she made both multi-color crystal wax candles and single color soy candles.

Image of 4.5 oz. Granulated Wax Superb Candle

We still have a couple 4 oz crystal candles (with apple pie scent) for sale in my Big Cartel shop.  All of the other listings on this shop have sold out.  I hope to take these listings down soon and replace them with some crafts I've been working on.

I miss these really pretty rainbow colored candles that Clarice sold last fall.  Crystal candles are easy to make and produce stunning results.  (Warning: you may want to make them outside because those crystals go all over!)

Making the candles

To complete these (basically) weekend projects, we needed a researcher (for supplies), a comparison shopper (to find the best products at the best prices) and a quality control inspector/troubleshooter. Needless to say, our candle-making projects have become whole-family endeavors.

We have really enjoyed the wonderful aroma that fills our house on candle-making days.  Clarice has enjoyed some entrepreneurial experience and loves the extra spending money she earns most of all.

We are currently not shipping these because we use high quality glass jars.  Shipping costs almost as much as a candle.  If you really want one and do not live in North Carolina, however, please just reach out to me via email or in the Comments below.  We will figure out a way!

Also, please let me know if you are contemplating making candles yourself.  I have some crazy tips that I would not ever have thought about if I had not had these full-immersion experiences.  (Did you know that you will need pipe cleaners to hold the wicks in place while the candles harden?)

We bought most of our supplies from Candlewic -- check out their awesome site.  And if you are looking for tutorials, the Candle Science website is second to none.

Happy creating!


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