August Art-o-mat Adventures

On Monday, we visited Camino Bakery and the Sawtooth School for Visual Art on an Art-o-mat excursion.

Our purchases come from artists Zack Rhodes (top) and Paige Matlock (bottom).

We got these hot little numbers from the Camino Bakery machine. "Kerplunk!
 goes the art.

Alex loves the Art-o-mat machine.

The kids pose in front of Camino's reflective chrome machine.

Next, we strolled down to the Sawtooth School to catch a glimpse of the Art-o-mat machine there.

So many wonderful artists to choose from in this machine.

Soon, Clarice's little BoogerBrain series will find a home in one of these Art-o-mat machines.

If you would like to learn more about Art-o-mat, check this latest news coverage or join the public Facebook group

We enjoyed the Associated Artists of Winston-Salem show in the Milton Rhodes Center before we packed up to go home.

So proud of this artist, Barbara Satow, a student from my pastel class many years ago.

Alex loved the miniatures.

What a gorgeous day full of art, friends, and fun.


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