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Art-o-mat Adventures

#the100DayProject on Instagram has really helped me to push through another batch of 50 Artomat paintings.  This time, I have focused on Mondrian, Miro', and Matisse.  

Soon, folks will be able to vend these Mini Masterpieces at Artomat machines the world over!  Click here for a closer look at the little works in this batch.

Clarice also sends a series of paintings called BoogerBrains to Artomat.  Here are some cool facts about BoogerBrains:

  1. Their favorite food is shoelaces.
  2. They are born when bubbles pop.
  3. They are not the smartest creatures, but are very loyal and friendly.

If you collect any of these little guys, be sure to let us know!

My updated selling locations

My recent Artomat sales include a new location:  Old No. 77 Hotel and Chandlery on the mighty Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana.  

(Photo credit:  In Style)

If you are ever lucky enough to visit this beautiful and historic hotel, please check out the Artomat machine and come home with a fun souvenir.


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