Illustration Friday: the Blues

I am known for an optimistic style, so this is truly as sad as my work gets.
This is from a book I did, published back in 2002. I always called it the "Lonely Juan" illo since the boy was supposed to be by himself, fishing w/o a friend in sight -- except perhaps a butterfly. I listened to Saint-Saens' "Carnival of Animals -- the Swan" on repeat to get myself in a lonely, sad mood. It worked! I always think of that music when I look at this illo. I think as artists, we devalue the importance of place, lighting, timing and mood in our work. We need to control our work environment, but I know it's hard! All those of you who, like me, have little ones running around the house -- you know how hard it is to create the proper work environment when there's always chaos around you! But life isn't perfect -- I have learned to embrace its messiness. And aren't we all glad for a little chaos sometimes? Especially the kind that hugs you with sticky fingers and kisses you with toast-and-jam-crumb kisses? I know I would go crazy without my daughter's sweet "chaos!"


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